Our Candidates

This is not just your job search, it’s your future!

The Internet has dramatically streamlined the job application process, but even with all of this advanced technology, getting your resume seen by the right people is still extremely difficult.

At TechLink Resources, we’ve worked with most of our clients for several years, and we have personal relationships with most hiring managers. We know what they are looking for and who they would want to see. We can get your resume noticed and get you in front of the right people. We help you prepare for interviews by cluing you in on the company culture. We will advise you on salary expectations and handle all negotiations for you.

TechLink will never send your resume anywhere without your prior permission, and we will always respect your confidentiality.

Unparalleled support for your the job search:

  • We will get your resume in front of the right people;
  • We will guide you through the stages of the interview;
  • We will help you with salary negotiations;
  • We will negotiate the offer on your behalf;
  • We will pay you on time, every time;
  • We will keep in close contact once you are working and help you navigate your way through any situation that may arise;

Let us do the work while you continue working.